Ferrari 599 GTB - Dimensions

Just like any thoroughbred, the dimensions of the creation speak volumes about the class and handling characteristics of any potential world beating sports car. To continue the race horse analogy, it may come from a top stable but genetics can be funny things, sometime genius jumps a generation. Will the 599 G.T.B. really be able to eclipse the legendary Enzo?

Well, as many a successful designer has been quoted in the past “If it looks right then it probably is right” and boy does this beauty look right! For the raw statistics fans we’ve quoted below the published figures but for those who love art for arts sake here’s the low down in design terms; With an overall height of less than 4 feet four inches this really is a road hugger, when you climb in to any Ferrari it’s an invitation to lay back awhile, and Ferrari lovers will get that same laid back feel all over again! The amazing curvaceous taper from front to rear gives the vehicle an underlying come hither feel and speaks volumes about her aerodynamic history. Wind tunnel testing is the name of the game these days and in terms of friction free motoring the 599 is ahead of the field by some distance.

Overall length 183.7 inches. Overall width 77.2 inches. Height a lean 52.6 inches with a wheel base of 108.3 inches. Front track 66.5 inches with the rear track tapering significantly to 63.7 inches. This is also reflected in the front to rear brake ratio of ; Front brakes 13.9 inches whereas the rear brakes measure 12.9 x1.1 inches.

The combination of low centre of gravity combined with minimum coefficient of drag characteristics would make the shell of this sports car not unwelcome in the computer profile for the latest jet fighter!