Ferrari 599 GTB - Brakes

Ferrari's latest super car has been unveiled and what a car it is. Boasting a Formula 1 derived engine, computer operated launch control and traction control systems it really is a state of the art vehicle for the twenty first century. Evolved from its successful predecessor the "Enzo" and incorporating a massive six litre engine with an output of more than 620 horsepower it really does possess the characteristics to impress the most critical of Ferrari enthusiasts. Along with all the roar power of that v12 engine comes the need for a superior quality braking system.

Formula one technology is written all over this vehicle with world championship winning teams and drivers dominating the sport in recent years and passing on the value of their hard earned knowledge in the field to a sports car that is an industry leader from every aspect of its development, body, engine brakes, transmission, tires , computer technology… the lot!

These vehicles have been developed tested and evolved using the latest state of the art computer technology, wind tunnel testing and then real life, nitty-gritty road and track testing. The result ? The latest evolution Carbon Ceramic Braking System or C.C.B.S. Coupled with the front calliper measuring 353 x 33 millimetres and rear calliper measuring 328 x28 millimetres, intelligent software controlled braking that holds an internal memory of every likely combination of road conditions and characteristics, computes real life feed back from the system and reacts smoothly and positively in a fraction of a second. No more heavy brake foot skids from a nervous or over reactive driver but smooth positive and direct when it is needed most. This reduces braking distances dramatically virtually eliminates wheel lock and reduces shock loading on the braking system itself and increasing component life in the process.