Ferrari Fiorano 599 GTB

You have reached the net's most comprehensive Ferrari Fiorano 599 GTB resource, where you can find everything you could ever have possibly wanted to know about this unique and currently rather elusive car. Ferrari have an unrivalled reputation in car design and manufacture. They have produced some of the world's most successful and highly acclaimed cars, from likes of the Ferrari 250GT SWB to the F50, the list of Ferrari triumphs is endless. This exemplary record has been continued with the new Fiorano 599 GTB.

The Ferrari 599 Fiorano is not just another sports car; far from it. Ferrari have successfully achieved yet another new level of class and sophistication, while also delivering everything that you would expect from a sports car. Since first going on display at the Geneva Motor Show the Ferrari Fiorano has received the admiration of auto-enthusiasts around the world. However, you certainly do not have to be an enthusiast to fully appreciate the sleek, subtle curves, lines and utterly beautiful exterior design of this truly magnificent car.

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Unlike many sports cars, the elegance of the Ferrari 599 Fiorano's exterior is also carried through to the hand-crafted, personalised interior design, which is both sporty and extremely comfortable. The interior makes use of the latest in carbon fiber and aluminum material technology, as well as taking full advantage of more traditional materials, such as leather. In their efforts to produce a high performance sports car that is a pleasure to drive, Ferrari have certainly not forgotten about the passenger. Both driver and passenger will travel in supreme comfort and style, in fact a central grip has specifically been included to provide extra support for the car's passenger.

Moreover, Ferrari have designed the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with a wide range of personalization options, giving each car its own unique signature. It is possible to make choices in a wide range of categories, including; equipment and travel, racing and track, exteriors and colours and interior and materials. Within these categories buyers can choose to add a multitude of amazing features. For example, you can choose to have a state-of-the-art carbon fiber steering wheel with an LED display, which is made possible by the very latest technological advancements in this field. Conveniently, afully integrated satellite navigation system is yet another optional extra that is available with the Fiorano.

This fantastic car isn't just about looks, although it does undeniably look great, the Ferrari 599 Fiorano also outperforms other cars in this field. You need but glimpse the car's impressive specifications to see that it does indeed deserve the title of super-car. The engine has a maximum power of 456kW at 7600rpm and a maximum torque of 608Nm at 5600rpm. The Fiorano can achieve speeds in excess of 205 miles per hour, accelerating from 0 to 62mph in under four seconds.

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